13isos: Security You Can Trust!

Cover your site in real-time protection from every angle. Our advanced surveillance and security systems provide complete defense from loss and damage—no matter the location.

A construction site is a dynamic, constantly shifting environment filled with extremely high-value equipment. To protect your site, you need security that can keep up—even when you’re not there.

13isos offers high-resolution security solutions that not only record your site, but actively monitor motion and, in the event of an intrusion, activate intense sonic deterrence. Eliminate the cost of hiring and employing security guards, which are less effective and pose a greater liability. Our risk-free security solutions encase every square foot of your site in superior, active protection.  

Whether you need short-term or long-term security, 13isos has a solution for you. You won’t find any prohibitive contracts here—we offer rentals with the flexibility that matches your needs, no matter how long you’ll need them.

Due to the rapidly changing nature of many construction sites, a swift deployment is crucial. Whether you need alarms, cameras, or even entire access control systems, don’t go a single day unprotected with 13isos’ lightning-fast implementation.

Home and Business Monitoring

Adequate home security involves more than just placing a few cameras. Our team of security professionals offers a complete suite of solutions uniquely tailored to your needs.

As a homeowner, we know that you don’t want to spend time shopping for and installing various security devices that may not work well together. You want to protect your family, your home, and your belongings from harm.

At 13isos, we prioritize quick implementation of adequate, intuitive security and give you complete peace of mind. And with 24/7 active monitoring and ongoing support, we aim to be more than just a team of installers—we’re your partners in home protection.    

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Complete Security Systems

While you could visit your local electronics store and choose from dozens of security devices, installing them can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. Pair that with the fact that no two brands are designed to work together, and you’ll find that many people either give up on security altogether, or cobble together an unfortunately ineffective system.

Instead, let our team of highly-skilled experts handle inspecting your home, business, or site. We will develop a custom system that provides complete security for your unique situation. Our team will rapidly implement that solution so that you’re protected from day one.

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Why Us?

Our security professional team has combined decades of experience to provide our clients with premium solutions at an affordable cost. From single-family homes to large corporations, we take pride in tailoring our systems to meet your needs.

And because every home and business situation is different, we offer purchase options that don’t lock you into a contract with pages of fine print and early cancellation fees. Instead, we offer the flexibility of renting all our equipment—cameras, sensors, and much more.

We at 13isos value one thing above all else: your peace of mind! Our years of knowledge, extensive experience, and friendly customer service allow us to provide innovative solutions that fully align with your needs.

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