Construction Security Camera

1.Building Site Camera

Your construction site is filled with valuable materials and equipment that thieves would go to the farthest lengths to take right out from under you. The copper in the walls and hot water systems you have installed are commonly stolen with brute force, tools, and other valuable pieces of equipment are often stolen, and even simple building materials you rely on to finish a project can be stolen. All of this leads to sometimes irreparable damage to both your company’s finances and reputation.

2.Constriction Security Camera Hire

So, installing a proper security system at your construction site is an absolute must. The mere presence of a security system is enough to deter most thieves, and the more foolhardy ones have a much higher chance of facing justice when they are caught on your security cameras or trip an alarm.

3.Protect Your Site

That’s where 13isos comes in. We’re a team of dedicated security professionals with seven years of experience helping construction firms, just like yours, with their critical security needs. We have sourced the globe’s best security technology, such as:

  • CCTVs
  • Back to Base Monitoring Technology
  • Access Controls
  • A plethora of the finest available options.

4.See Who Is On Site From Your Smart Phone

We will implement these various forms of technology in a way that is 100% customized to your specific construction site’s needs. This customized approach provides you with precisely what you need to maximize the effect of your efforts, without any wasted resources that take from your already tight budget.

5.Save Money And Time

We cater to high-workload businesses such as yours by offering our high-end security solutions for sale. This is somewhat more costly than a one-time rental, but it will save you time and money in the long-term by giving you permanent, unrestricted, and reliable access to the security solution your job entails for a one-time fee. This isn’t a cost-effective option for all, but it’s the perfect solution for permanent placements or long-term projects where renting would accrue costly bills. As always, we will work with you to identify your exact needs with expert guidance to save you money and ensure your site is adequately protected.

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