Event Rentals

Traditional security solutions are also far less than ideal for temporary events when physical security can be stretched thin. In order to facilitate a successful event, it takes many hours to set up, monitor, and disassemble all of the necessary components.

For your next event, our team of expert technicians can handle the placement and installation in record time, so you can focus on running your event without distractions. When it’s all done, we’ll dismantle the system like it was never there, making for a smooth and painless wrap-up.

No matter your situation, renting a security solution from 13isos eliminates the need for you to purchase and maintain a costly system that will quickly be outdated—often needing to be replaced within a few years.

We utilize only the most advanced, up-to-date technology. We handle the maintenance, troubleshooting, and storage of the systems and all their components. Finally, we have all the equipment necessary to create short-term and long-term networks, making installation lightning-fast and ultra-reliable.

Above all, whether your need is temporary or permanent, our highly skilled team provides exceptional support throughout the entire process. We don’t just rent out equipment; we take time to learn your needs and guide you through every step of the process. And when it comes time to implement our solutions, we provide continued support so you can rest easy. 

So, if you need a sophisticated security solution without the hassle of set up, monitoring, and maintenance, 13isos stands ready to help. We offer innovative solutions and pricing models that work with your needs, so you get the ultimate protection for any situation.

Your safety is our priority. Call us today!