Why us ?

Our security professional team has combined decades of experience to provide our clients with premium solutions at an affordable cost. From single-family homes to large corporations, we take pride in tailoring our systems to meet your needs.

And because every home and business situation is different, we offer purchase options that don’t lock you into a contract with pages of fine print and early cancellation fees. Instead, we offer the flexibility of renting all our equipment—cameras, sensors, and much more.

We at 13isos value one thing above all else: your peace of mind! Our years of knowledge, extensive experience, and friendly customer service allow us to provide innovative solutions that fully align with your needs, You might be wondering what it is that sets 13isos apart from the rest of the security companies in Australia. There are several ways that we strive to outperform the competition, but here are the reasons our clients have given us for why they trust 13isos over the many options they have available to them:

  • Expert Advice: Our team has been providing customized security solutions for more than seven years. We know how to identify your needs and match them in ways our less experienced peers simply can’t.
  • A Plethora of Options: Our service isn’t industry-specific. We can work with you regardless of what your company does, and we can effectively find a customized solution for you. This includes installing the technology involved and educating you on how to utilize it to protect your business properly.
  • Customized Solutions: As we’ve said many times, all our solutions are custom. We don’t try to fit your company’s needs into an industry-standard box. We truly get to know what you need, and then we deliver it.